At Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy we take great pride in our dress code. Aside from its practical aspects, it gives us a sense of community within our school and a feeling of uniqueness within the larger community. All students, staff and parents are expected to know and respect our uniform dress code.

Students must wear the complete uniform all day on school days. (Bell to Bell). This means that students are required to be in uniform at all times including lunch hour and spares. The complete uniform must be worn at any school conducted function (including field trips) unless an exemption is granted by the administration.

Uniform Expectations for Females and Males


  • Embroidered Golf shirt (does not need to be tucked in)
  • Embroidered Zip Polo Sweater must only be worn over an Our Lady Queen of the World golf shirt
  • Embroidered Barbarian Rugby Jersey
Note: Only white plain t-shirts may be worn under the uniform golf shirt or rugby jersey and must not be visible, with the exception of the collar. The uniform golf shirt must be worn under the zip polo. Students will be disciplined as per school, Board and Ministry policies/guidelines for non-compliance.

Black Uniform Dress Pants

Black Uniform Embroidered Pants Provided by Uniform Provider

Note: Only pants purchased by our school uniform provider are permitted. All other pants, including cotton pants, track pants, cargo pants or yoga wear cannot be worn.


Closed footwear (toes & heels) must be worn under the pant leg. Solid black running shoes (including soles, markings, and laces) may be worn. Only Black
or white socks are required. Sandals may not be worn on any uniform days. Boots are not part of the uniform (i.e. Uggs, Emu style, or otherwise).

Gym Uniform

Students enrolled in Physical Education classes are required to wear the
gym uniform that consists of an Our Lady Queen of the World Catholic Academy T-shirt,
shorts and white socks. Non-marking gym shoes, which may be purchased
independently, are the only shoes allowed on the gym floor.

“Civvies” Days

On “Civvies” days, students may not wear clothes with graphics promoting unacceptable lifestyles or inappropriate or derogatory comments involving sex, alcohol, drugs, race, gender, etc.; nor may they wear halter-tops, tights, cutoffs, or similar inappropriate or immodest clothing. Shorts worn must be walking shorts. Skirts/shorts must be an appropriate length (no more than 10 cm above the knee). If a student’s clothing or personal presentation is deemed inappropriate by an administrator, the student will be sent home to change and parents contacted.

Hats, coloured headbands or scarves of any kind are never permitted unless for religious considerations.  A plain, black headband or hair tie is acceptable.