Catholic School Council

Our objectives include helping to create and maintain an environment which is conducive to improving student achievement, enhancing communication with parents, teacher and students, and deveoping a common vision for our school.

Those who wish to contact the school council by e-mail, may send e-mails to and they will be addressed. We would like to compile a mailing list of e-mail addresses in order to serve our school population better so please include it. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

Mission Statement

We are inspired by the spiritual beliefs and words of Jean Vanier in our pursuit of personal excellence as life-long learners within our Christ-centered Catholic School.

Vision Statements

The following Vision Statements are supported by our active Catholic School Advisory Council:

  • A Christ-centered Catholic Community
  • Focuses on Catholic Graduate expectations
  • A community school “Belonging” in the Richmond Hill community through Christian Services (Social Justice activities)
  • Focuses on academic excellence
  • Emphasizes life-long learning
  • Provides opportunities for each student to reach their potential
  • Supports a variety of programs to meet the needs of all students
  • Staff/Students/Catholic School Council are empowered in the decision making process, while keeping in mind their advisory role
  • Supports a variety of Co-Curricular activities
  • Committed to student leadership in supporting a Student Government Program
  • Supports discipline with care, in a consistent, firm and fair way, focusing on students as Young Christian Adults
  • Encourage parental involvement in all appropriate aspects of the school community